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Business continuation plans keep you in control of your business when the unexpected occurs, the key man prolonged absence or death, for instance. Under these circumstances, the business continuation plan will provide a wide variety of solutions/benefits for your business.

  • Prevents conflict with surviving owners
  • Assures a fair price for the business
  • Provides a ‘Buy-out’ option for business partners.
  • Allows maintaining full control of the business
  • Prevents disputes.
  • Assures orderly transfer of the business upon death
  • Provides a window period to train & promote next key person.

At a certain level of wealth, some goals overshadow others. Preserving your capital, managing risk and taking care of your loved ones are paramount. Time is precious. Your personal and financial lives are closely entwined, and every decision you make has ripple effects.

At this stage, you deserve a wealth management partner who understands your unique needs and can deliver comprehensive solutions. finergy advisory is that partner.

We invite you to contact and connect with us. We are confident that you will find a financial professional who is right for you.

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